Catalogue of Tibetan Singing Bowl Music


Tibetan Singing Bowls have featured in hundreds of workshops, lectures, and concerts internationally by Frank since 1981. Frank is naturally largely associated with these wonderful instruments upon which he is considered a leading world authority.

Frank’s first recording featuring his Tibetan instruments was in 1977 (MUSIC FOR MEDITATION) and then a further piece was recorded in 1983 as side B of NEW ATLANTIS (available as a Double CD – with DEEP PEACE – on the Celestial Harmonies label) featuring only Tibetan instruments. He then had to wait patiently (until 1993) to record an entire album of music upon his Tibetan ritual instruments.

From his large output of CDs (99 releases – LPs, MCs, & CDs), he has created this series especially devoted to exploring the music from his unique assortment of around 250 Tibetan Singing Bowls, plus Tibetan Bells (Drilbu) and Tibetan Cymbals (Ting-shag). He uses around 70 of these Singing Bowls for his sound healing work and the rest are either for his musical purposes and/or for his own inner work.

photo from session @ Musicalfresco by Oliver Nares 1997

The ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls were traditionally made of seven metals selected from nine metals, or twelve metals, and sometimes also included meteorite. The majority of bowls may be made from five metals, which would conform more to Tibetan Buddhist symbolism, whilst in the case of the seven metal bowls in some of these they may only be present as trace elements. The varying balance in the mixture of the metals comprising any one bowl contributes towards it unique sound. Whilst the shape of the bowl, the thickness of its walls, and the quality of the hammering are also very important factors in determining the final sound produced. Above and beyond this there were created certain sacred bowls which were charged with spiritual power by certain yogic practitioners or else were imbued with the spiritual energies developed over years of dedicated deep practice. Amongst these are those intended for use either in specific meditation / spiritual practises or healing practises. However, it requires considerable skill to divine such extra-sensory properties in a singing bowl. Whilst these ancient singing bowls produce a wonderful sound – full of resonant harmonics sometimes ringing on for 4 minutes or more – seemingly hanging in the air like coloured clouds of light floating in the space of the One Mind, the truly sacred bowls carry the additional rarefied energies of exalted states of mystical and spiritual consciousness and can also form a bridge of sound with the angelic kingdoms. Singing bowls, in general, have been around for thousands of years and it may be said that they lean more towards, or are grounded in, shamanic or tantric spiritual streams.

Frank’s set of Yin bowls – photo Oliver Nares 2002

Elsewhere on this site you can read several in depth articles on the Bowls by Frank 

ordered with each one increasingly more in depth.

photography by Rose Perry 2005



THE HEALING BOWLS OF TIBET (1998)   72’ 08”                  

BEL CD 006. (CD only)  £10  (post & packing £2.50 extra inside the UK)

Tibetan Singing Bowls Volume 1 features three tracks of Tibetan Singing Bowl music – TREASURE OF THE MOUNTAIN (8 mins) with huge gongs and the wonderfully magical sounds of the Singing Bowls,& THE WAY OF THE BOWLS (44 mins) which begins with the beautiful-sounding 12th century Heart Chakra bowl which leads us out into around 45 minutes of unique Tibetan Singing Bowl music utilising many playing techniques and sound-textures found within Frank’s rare collection of over 150 of these ancient, sacred instruments and closing with the beautiful ‘overtone’ choir. WITHIN THE PETALS OF THE ROSE (21 mins) this time focusing in particular upon the Healing side of these uniquely potent sounds. Two very deep, powerful bowls play continuously, with the first 7 minutes adding Solar Plexus bowls, Heart Chakra bowls for the following 7 minutes and ending with Throat Chakra bowls. Accompanied by a spacey and gentle improvisation upon selected bowls over it all.  

Track 3: WITHIN THE PETALS OF THE ROSE.  My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem . This clip is but part of a larger whole.

“An amazing journey into the world of inner sound. Frank Perry’s knowledge of this world comes from a deep awareness of musical structure and an understanding of what he calls ‘the psychic content’ of music. For those who do not know Frank’s musical world, this tape is an excellent introduction; for those who already do, it will deepen and enrich their acquaintance. Frank Perry is not setting out to create something comfortable and relaxing in his music. It is beautiful certainly but behind that beauty is a power like that of Rilke’s angel ‘that disdains to destroy us’ and behind that power is a peace, what Frank calls ‘the deep peace of the spirit’. And that peace is the source of healing.”    

Brian Lee. Caduceus Magazine.

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photo from session @ Musicalfresco by Oliver Nares 1997




PATH TO SHAMBHALA (1999)    73’ 02”                                              

BEL CD 010. (CD only) £10    (post & packing  £2.50 extra inside the UK)

Tibetan Singing Bowls Volume 2 begins with TEN BULLS, which takes its inspiration from this ancient Zen Buddhist story. Filmmaker Kim Bour commissioned Frank for this. Nevertheless, the film hasn’t been made yet, as Kim wanted to create it from out of Frank’s music. This 22 minute piece is in 10 short parts. The second, longer piece – OLMO LUNG RING ‘Silver Palace of the Garuda Valley’ – is in 7 sections and is patterned upon this ancient Bonpo (pre-Buddhist) centre and is something of a ‘shamanic journey’ to this ancient abode of adepts. In his own unique way, Frank explores extremely rich and subtle textures in this piece – many totally new and never-before-heard textures from Tibetan Singing Bowls. The whole piece ends using swung Tuned Gongs, Burmese meditation Gongs, Tibetan hand bells, and numerous types of Tibetan Bowls. This is a deeply powerful track featuring the unique harmonic resonances of these ancient Singing Bowls with Frank’s deep understanding of structure and form alongside his uniquely remarkable sensitivity regarding their spiritual sound-potency for representing deep meditative and contemplative states of awareness. In some ways this piece bridges both types of Frank’s music – focusing upon one ‘family’ of instruments and yet featuring a huge orchestral palette. 

Track 1: TEN BULLS.  My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem . This clip is but part of a larger whole.

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photo from 11-11 concert Salisbury 1990







BEL CD 012 (CD only) £10   (post & packing  £2.50 extra inside the UK)

            Tibetan Singing Bowls Volume 3 is another CD entirely devoted to these magical instruments. Actually, this CD was created in 1993 and originally intended to be BELOVODYE Volume 2 – part of Frank’s Planets Suite – subtitled ‘Ancient Tibetan Initiation Bowls’. Here we find the tracks for the remaining planets Vulcan, Sun, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The longest track (Sun – the length of an entire album on vynil!) also features Frank’s shamanic overtone singing. Originally conceived and largely recorded in 1993, it is now released for the very first time ever!

            With two Tibetan Bowl CDs already released, Frank was in two minds about releasing this – actually his first CD to be devoted entirely to Tibetan Bowl sounds – at all. But listening to it again recently, he felt that these sessions indeed possessed a very unique quality and did deserve to be released as another facet of his work with these deeply potent instruments.

            Track 2: AWAKENS THE TREASURES OF MOUNT KANCHENJUNGA.  My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem . This clip is but part of a larger whole.

            Track 4: THE CHINTAMANI STONE IS FOUND.  My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem . This clip is but part of a larger whole.

Belovodye 2 is an unparalleled triumph, a true masterpiece from all perspectives;  as experimental music, as performance artistry of the highest calibre, and as the sustained utterance of a truly exalted spiritual ‘note’. I would never use the word masterpiece lightly, but this is one indeed. Within the 79 minutes there are five tracks evoking Vulcan, the Sun -a glorious 34-minute sunbath for the ears – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, subtitled Singing the Praises of the Blessed One Within All. As the equivalent of 150th Psalm in pure sound it had that sense of uplifted wonder and heart-release that characterises true worship in the spirit. Particular praise must be given to Oliver Nares’s wonderful and sensitive recording of the instruments.

Maxwell SteerMusic& the Psyche 2001

The Initiation Bowls music composed in 1993   consists of 5 tracks (roughly 78’ total), the longest being ‘Awakens the Five Treasures of Mount Kanchenjunga’ at almost 34 minutes. On this track and ‘Singing the Praises of the Blessed One Within All’ Perry includes his remarkable overtoning.  It has a unique quality like no other that I have heard. It is as if he makes contact with some Tibetan master of the ancient past and channels the master’s voice in a totally natural way.  As though it is not a learned technique.  In each of the tracks we go through an initiation.  As Perry explains: ‘It is those initiations which the spiritual life of each and every one is guaranteed to pass through during many lifetimes’   What is striking is that, although he uses essentially the same instruments for each piece, each track nonetheless has its own particular structure. While the titles might have no significance to the perceiver, I am sure they are quite inspirational as a stimulant to unfold these structures.  

James D’Angelo – Caduceus 2002

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photo by Oliver Nares from Musicalfresco session 1997


CHAKRA HEALING (1999 & 2001)  78:00

BEL CD 013 (CD only) £10   (post & packing  £2.50 extra inside the UK)

            Tibetan Singing Bowls Volume 4 is entirely dedicated to working with the Chakras – or ‘Body of Light’ – featuring a rare set of ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls especially made to activate the several chakras and collected by Frank over several decades. This is a serious workout and is highly potent and needs to be used with care. Each track is a composed piece of music taken from the perspective of the total evolutionary journey of our consciousness through the chakra system. Each track prominently features those bowls especially attuned to the chakra in question. Frank doesn’t use any intellectual system for determining which bowls work with chakras, but rather his intuition and spiritual observations (and as observed upon countless hundreds of patients who’ve come to him for sound healing) concerning the direct effect of certain very rare ancient bowls upon specific chakras.

            This is a new Landmark in Chakra CDs – one that really delivers!

            Track 2: SECRET OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER.  My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem . This clip is but part of a larger whole.


Track 6: VISION OF THE SHINING ONES.  My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem . This clip is but part of a larger whole.

   Frank Perry has long been recognised as a master of his extraordinary sacred percussion – the Tibetan singing bowls above all, gongs, Maya balls, rainsticks, Tibetan bells and other assorted instruments.  Add to this his exquisite overtone singing and you have a magical, otherworldly soundscape like no other in which you could bathe indefinitely. 

It is both a musically rich tapestry which you can perceive as an archetypal structure Perry intuits at a psychic level.  At the same time the sounds are a therapeutic vibrational medicine that clearly cleanses mind, body and soul.  The vibrations can do their work whether or not you decide to actually listen to them as you would ordinary music. For it has to be accepted that musical sounds operate on our physical and energy bodies through sympathetic or forced resonance if even we are deaf. 

Since 1968 Perry’s aim has been to dedicate himself to finding and using sounds that have definite healing properties – primarily the singing bowls.  He has amassed a very large collection of them through listening to more than 4000 bowls over a 20-year period.

As Perry states:  “In certain schools of Tibetan Yoga particular religious objects are charged with psycho-spiritual powers and the most sacred singing bowls are likewise charged.  Some of these are intended to assist us along our spiritual path of unfoldment such as special chakra bowls.”     

The Chakra Healing music consists of 7 tracks, one for each chakra, ranging in length from 9 to 16 minutes. Each track has an inspirational sub-title such as ‘Hymn for the Golden Child of a Fiery Heart’ for the heart chakra.  These sounds are related directly to the awakening of the Kundalini energy to some degree.  Perry describes it as a ‘sacred science’ that should be approached with due reverence and care.  Therefore he gives instructions about placing oneself in an undisturbed place and sitting properly.  Moreover, he it feels it important to have some closing ritual after being resonated by the sounds.  Unlike Volume 3 with its complexity and richness of sounds including the overtoning, Chakra Healing has a potent simplicity and subtlety using primarily the singing bowls – carefully selecting them to activate the particular chakra.  The complete experience is one of purification wherein the sounds seem to swirl into the energy centres and awaken them to resonate at their true frequencies.  At the same time the primary energy of kundalini is stimulated in a rising pulsation. 

The essence of this music that Perry draws down to Earth is Akasha itself.  That is, space opens up, time slows down and silences are heard.  These sounds with their enormous range from the deepest rumblings of the gongs to the high tinnabulations of the Tibetan bells just hang there in space as a fluid geometry creating slow beat patterns. Therefore brain states are altered and you enter higher dimensions of existence where you can come into contact with your still, all-knowing Self and experience deep peace. This is the inner journey par excellence. With these recordings Perry has reached a pinnacle of spirit and expression. The expression ‘sacred sound’ is often very loosely used to describe all sorts of toning, chanting and music.  In the case of these CDs it can be applied without reservation because you feel in the presence of some benevolent power far greater than the little self can fathom.  These sounds call you to wake up and be who you truly are.  You are helpless to do otherwise. 

Reviewed by James D’Angelo for Caduceus

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BEL CD 015 (CD only) £10   (post & packing  £2.50 extra inside the UK)

Tibetan Singing Bowls Volume 5 is a CD exploring the broad range of soundscapes featuring these wonderful instruments – also including Sacred Conch Shell Trumpets, Gongs and overtone singing too. This first track features a large range of sound textures moving from one section into another. It is a studio recording of the music for a metaphysical audio-visual featuring the paintings of Russian artist Nicholas Roerich (1874 – 1948) linked to the theme of Shambhala. The music minus the paintings must needs be more dramatic. For this recording the proportions of its sections were based upon the Fibonacci Series (Geometry of Nature) except here adapted as a Palendrome, to commemorate 2002. 

The second piece TEMPLE OF LIGHT has echoes of side two of DEEP PEACE (one of frank’s earliest LP’s – recorded in 1980) and features a background drone upon 7 Tibetan Hand bells (Drilbu) playing a form of ‘Music of the Spheres’ above a beautiful ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl attuned to the Heart Chakra and the Lord Maitreya  which plays throughout and above this drone are played three main sections upon Singing Bowls. The two outer sections are upon a group of deep bowls whilst the central section is played upon a collection of 39 high Yin bowls. At the point of the Golden Section (Geometry of Nature) mystical music, representing Communion with the Cosmic Heart, enters. 

            Track 2: TEMPLE OF LIGHT.  My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem . This clip is but part of a larger whole.

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BEL CD 016 (CD only) £10   (post & packing  £2.50 extra inside the UK)

Absorbed in the Voice of Fire.  (12-1-2005)

Be at Peace.   (14-1-2005) 

Bell Mountain.   (14-1-2005) 

Encircling Peaks on the Boundary of Fire.   (13-1-2005) 

Enfolded in the Cape of Singing Fire.   (14-1-2005)

Fiery Penetration of Darkness.   (12-1-2005)

The Path.   (12-1-2005) 

Garment of Singing Golden Fire.   (14-1-2005)

Living by the Light of Love.   (13-1-20045)

Singing Bowl Temple.   (15-1-20045)

Monastery in the Mountains.   (12-1-20045)

Golden Rain.   (14-1-20045)

Milarepa’s Secret Language of the Mountains.   (12-1-20045)

Metals Singing of Divine Fire.   (15-1-20045)


A series of spontaneous improvisations recorded in one take and with no editing or over-dubs (multi-tracking) upon various assortments of Tibetan Singing Bowls – also Himalayan Bowls, Bengali Bowls, Manipuri Bowls, Bhutanese Bowls, & Chinese Bowls and two PAISTE Gongs.

Listen to Track #5 Enfolded in the Cape of Singing Fire

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Volumes 1 to 5

Frank in Warwick 2004

During 2004 many new pieces came through me. I found that many of these pieces indicated a new direction in my work. Originally, during 2003, I had it in the back of my mind to release a CD of Singing Bowl music featuring short tracks that were mostly improvised – without any over-dubs. As I focussed my creativity upon short pieces they simply continued to unfold. I simply went with the flow working on the pieces as they arose in my creative consciousness. As the number of the collection of such pieces rose, I also realised that I had been making music for 40 years. I figured that I would release a double CD to celebrate this event. However, once I added up all of the pieces I found that there were enough of them to fill over 3 CDs.  I then decided to add another CD that was retrospective in nature and would include many solo tracks recorded over the past 30 or more years that were either no longer available or only otherwise available as part of the selection of tracks on other CDs (including those on MBM – most especially three of the solo instrumental tracks included on RAINBOW HEALING PEACE). Some of these were alternative versions of tracks available on MBM – such as Treasure of the Mountain, and Temple of the Ancient Magical Presence, and yet others on CDs featuring other artists: Mountain Angel from Venus, and Amethyst, Gold ,and Royal Blue, My Way of Saying Thank You. It then transpired that I almost had enough to make it a 5 CD set with this final CD being a kind of Quintessence of my recorded output. The tracks on Volume 5 range backwards in time from 2004 to 1972. I had spent most of the year trying to arrange a recording session at Amphonics and in early January of 2005 this finally took place and supplied the remaining tracks for CD 4. 

By and large the music is focussed upon Tibetan Singing Bowls and sometimes there are also Tibetan Bells (Drilbu), Tibetan Cymbals (Ting-Shag), Himalayan Bowls, Gongs, Noah Bells, Chinese Qing (Resting Bells), and instruments invented by myself – Petalumines, Pyrahermeezees, Ufoms and Sun Rays and other instruments hand-made by myself: Conch Shell Trumpets, Bamboo Flutes, strings of bells, various Windchimes and upon some tracks my Overtone/Undertone Chanting is featured. 

I chose to title the series HIMALAYAN STUDIES. This series also features a departure from my previous habit of including fairly extensive liner notes with the CD booklet. This series will feature a minimum of details inside the liner notes with more of my customary extensive notes provided on this website for those seeking more information.

Track titles with (NKR) beside them indicate that the inspiration was from a painting, by the Russian artist Professor Nicholas Roerich (1874 – 1947), of the same name.




HIMALAYAN STUDIES #1 (2004)  79:23

BEL CD 017 (CD only) £10   (post & packing  £2.50 extra inside the UK)

Rose Clouds above Temple.  (30-7-2004)

Basgo – Stronghold of Tibet.  (NKR)   (31-7-2004) 

Temple of Rainbow Mist.   (25-6-2004)

My Heart a Flame within the Eternal Fire.   (10-2-2002)

Thang-La.  (NKR)    (31-7-2004)

Maitreya on the Road. (NKR)   (11-4-2004)

Mount M.    (10-9-2003) 

Magic of Divine Fire.   (18-9-2004)

News of Maitreya from the Rooftop of the World.   (4-12-2004)


To view the Nicholas Roerich paintings on this CD click HERE


Listen to track #2 Basgo – Stronghold of Tibet


Listen to track #5 Thang-la

Listen to track #6 Maitreya on the Road

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HIMALAYAN STUDIES #2 (2004)  78:53

BEL CD 018 (CD only) £10   (post & packing  £2.50 extra inside the UK)

Maitreya. Tibet  (NKR)   (1-8-2004) 

Tibet – OM in the Mountains.  (NKR)    (1-11-2004) 

Call of the Spirit Bells.   (25-8-2004) 

Beda the Preacher.   (NKR)    (6-10-2004) 

Pentecostal Visitation.  (5-10-2004) 

Chomolongma.   (22-8-2004) 

Shambhala Protects.  (5-7-2004) 

Full Moon Beside the River.  (1-8-2003) 

Ceremonial Invocation to the Eternal Sound God.   (14-7-2004) 

Chenrezig – Clouds of Sound and Light Beings over Tibet.    (14-7-2004) 


To view the Nicholas Roerich paintings on this CD click HERE


Listen to Track #1Maitreya. Tibet


Listen to Track #2Tibet – OM in the Mountains


Listen to Track #4Beda the Preacher

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HIMALAYAN STUDIES #3 (2004)  78:33

BEL CD 019 (CD only) £10   (post & packing  £2.50 extra inside the UK)

Himalayas – Sissu in the Mist.   (NKR)  (5-11-2004) 

Land of Sacred Fire.    (5-10-2004) 

The Guest in Our Midst.    (8-11-2004) 

The Way.   (30-7-2004) 

Into Stellar Regions.   (8-10-2004) 

Eye of the Storm.   (9-12-2004) 

Born of Sacred Fire.    (1-11-2004) 

Fiery Sacrifice.  (25-11-2004)  


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Listen to Track #1 Himalayas – Sissu in the Mist


Listen to Track #6 Eye of the Storm





HIMALAYAN STUDIES #4 (2005)  77:01

BEL CD 0120 (CD only) £10   (post & packing  £2.50 extra inside the UK)

The Adoration of the Magi.   (10-2-2002)

Book of Life.   (NKR)   (13-1-2005)

Arhat.   (NKR)   (16-12-2004)

Milarepa the One Who Hearkened – at Sunrise Comprehending the Voices of the Devas.   (NKR)   (17-1-2005)  

The Sound of Milarepa’s Vision.   (12 -1-2005)

Guardian of the Desert.   (NKR)  (17-12-2004)

On the Heights (Tumo).   (NKR)   (19-1-2005)

Stronghold of Tibet.   (NKR)  (13-1-2005)

Morning Prayer.   (NKR)   (13-1-2005)

Dream Awakening.   (2-2004)

Tiger’s Nest.   (NKR)   (13-1-2005)

Metals Singing of Divine Fire.   (12-1-2005) 

To view the Nicholas Roerich paintings on this CD

Listen to Track #2Book of Life

Listen to Track #3Arhat

Listen to Track #4Milarepa the One Who Hearkened

Listen to Track #6Guardian of the Desert

Listen to Track #7On the Heights (Tumo)

Listen to Track #8Stronghold of Tibet

Listen to Track #9Morning Praye

Listen to Track #11Tiger’s Nest

To view the Nicholas Roerich paintings alongside the music on this CD click HERE

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HIMALAYAN STUDIES #5 ( 2004)  78:37

BEL CD 021 (CD only) £10   (post & packing  £2.50 extra inside the UK)

Light Rays Breaking through Clouds.    (25-6-2004) 

Tongues of Fiery Light.   (May 1999) 

Rainbow Light Bells.   (May 1999) 

Milarepa’s Rainbow of Sound.   (May 1999) 

Temple of the Ancient Magical Presence.  (6-1-1998) 

Treasure of the Mountain. (NKR)    (15-12-1995) 

The Breath Within the Breath.  (25-2-1990) 

Whispers of Eternity.   (13-1-1986) 

Stillness of Peace Profound.   (13-1-1986) 

Mountain Angel from Venus.   (13-9-1974) 

Amethyst, Gold and Royal Blue, my way of saying Thank You.  (?-?-1972)  


To listen to Track #5 Temple of the Ancient Magical Presence


o listen to Track # 8 Whispers of Eternity

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DEEP HEALING (PEACE)   (2007)  77:16

BEL CD 022 (CD only) £10 (post & packing £2.50 extra inside the UK)

A CD to focus upon the stillness at the heart of every singing bowl. Pieces relying heavily upon chosen antique singing bowls that channel a particular aspect of healing energy. Other tracks explore the approximate interval relationships between particular bowls.. This is suitable for heavy listening, relaxation or meditation or sound listening exercises.

Gathered Together in Communion around the Central Fire.    (25-4-2007) 

The Tao of Inner Peace.   (14-4-2007) 

The Heart of Healing Strength.   (26-4-2007) 

Abide with the Great Healer.   (13-4-2007

Deep Stillness beneath the Star.  (20-4-2007)   

Christ in You is King.  (1-6-2007) 

Life Eternal within the Deep Stillness of the Star.  (2-5-2007) 

Track 5: DEEP STILLNESS BENEATH THE STAR  My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem .

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TIBETAN PEACE    (2007)  74:00

Freedom to follow their true Path.

BEL CD 024 (CD only) £10 (post & packing £2.50 extra inside the UK)

During the sessions for ALL-CONQUERING LIGHT recorded at Ian Dale’s Amphonic Studios in 2005 there were several tracks left over. I offered these to the Tashi Lhunpo monks to use for a future release. They told me that they planned to release it alongside recordings of their chanting – especially chants for H.H.Panchen Lama (Head of Tashi Lhunpo). However, I have heard nothing since and so I determined to release an album – with most of my proceeds going to Tashi Lhunpo – using these same pieces. That is the inspiration for this CD. Some of the improvisations from 2005 have one or two bowls or other instruments added to increase the dramatic effect.

Fiery Space of the Golden Bowls.    (15-4-2007) 

Mountain Abode of an Ancient Spirit.   (7-4-2005) 

Crystal Body of Light.   (13-1-2005) 

The Play of Light.   (15-4-2007

Windhorse of Chomolungma’s Peak  (12-1-2005) 

Heartsong of Fiery Light.  (5-10-2004)   

Radiations from the Yogi’s Cave.    (19-4-2007) 

Vista from High Peak.   (17-4-2007) 

Supported on Wings of Love   (13-1-2005) 

The Spirit of H.H,.Panchen Lama Shines Brightly through the darkness.   (17-4-2007

Fiery Presence.  (2002) 

Fire of the Eternal.    (5-10-2004) 


Track 2: MOUNTAIN ABODE OF AN ANCIENT SPIRIT  My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem . This clip is but part of a larger whole.

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WAY OF THE BOWLS    (2007)  78:20

BEL CD 025 (CD only) £10 (post & packing £2.50 extra inside the UK)

During the process of creating the pieces for the Himalayan Studies Series, I had some other pieces left over. These were a few pieces featuring aleatoric passages. To these were added other pieces that I felt inspired to create in the intervening period. There was enough material for another CD and so I have now released another three CDs in the TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS Series.


On Wings of Beauty.    (30-3-2007) 

The Way of Beauty   (31-3-2007) 

Sacred Mount Kailas.   (30-3-2007) 

Christmas Blessing from the Master of the Star brotherhood.   (30-3-2007

Processional of the Ancient Sages.  (2-3-2006) 

Transforming Power of the Light in the Heart.  (30-3-2007) 


Track 3: SACRED MOUNT KAILAS  My music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem . This clip is but part of a larger whole.

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