Mixed-Media Works and Performances


In the early 1970’s he also rediscovered his interest in photography (initially taught by his uncle Sam Perry in his early teens). This manifested in Nature photographs (colour transparencies) and later in the decade he began his own large collection of slides of the paintings of the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich that he has used consistently since then both with his own music or with the orchestral music of the late (2,000) American composer Alan Hovhaness. He recently posted some 7 of these featuring his own music on  youtube (find him under mountainbellmusic). He also worked with various dancers, most notably June Marsh and Shelley Lee. And so, too, at this time he evolved various mixed-media international events including: – CALL TO THE HEIGHTS (with Roerich slides and his live music for MUSIC CONTEXT international festival – London Musician’s Collective); THE MAGIC OF SOUND& COLOUR; A MEDITATION IN SOUND & COLOUR (with his music & nature slides – OlympiaMind, Body & Spirit’ festival); THE PATH OF THE SOUL (with dance, acting, his music, & the nature slides – OlympiaMind, Body & Spirit’ festival); plus providing the music for the following mixed-media events COSMIC BEING (slides/movement/music – for World Symposium for Humanity Festival – Wembley); TREE CYCLE (dance & music – ICA & Royal Commonwealth Institute); THE STORY OF CREATION; ASTROLOGY, INITIATION & THE FOUR ELEMENTS; BECOMING – THROUGH THE MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT EGYPT (speech/movement/slides/music – Olympia); THE HALL OF MAAT (directed by actress Ann Boman with Chrysalis TheatreRosicrucian AMORC group members – Covent Garden – pictured left); plus THE LEGEND OF SHAMBHALA; RIVER OF LIGHT; LAND OF THE SHINING ONES; & ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS (his Roerich slides with the orchestral music of Alan Hovhaness). 

In the years since then he has created further mixed-media A/V (audio-visual) shows/events largely featuring his Roerich slides and either his own music or that of Hovhaness: – TREASURE OF THE MOUNTAINS; ZODIAC; REALM OF LIGHT; SECRET TREASURE OF THE CATHARS; SANCTA SERIES; SHAMBHALA DAIK; HIMALAYAS – ABODE OF LIGHT; and also MOUNTAIN OF CAVES (featuring the art of Roy Bowden); THE SINGING BOWLS OF TIBET (A/V presentation featuring his photos, and the live sounds, of Tibetan Singing Bowls with related images accompanied by a lecture/talk) and various other A/V lectures on Nicholas Roerich, Arhip Kuinji (Roerich’s first teacher), & the late Svetoslav Roerich (Roerich’s younger son – also an artist); and PSYCHIC DANCE. These have featured in various international events, one-day workshops, and he has also toured the UK, Russia, and parts of the USA with these.

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