The Music of the Spheres

   The music of percussionist Frank Perry is a prime example of meaningful experience through art. His recording of MUSIC FOR MEDITATION is of two compositions, “MOUNTAIN SUNRISE and COMMUNITY: I AM IN YOUR HEART”, that are played on gongs, bells, chimes, bowls, pipes and many other unusual percussive instruments. The emphasis of this music is on the sound, in the same way that the emphasis of a mantra is on its sound and not necessarily its content. This recording is more than a mantra for meditation however, as the compositions have definite structure and symbolic meaning within the structure. These pieces are music that not only consists of individual vibrations of great beauty, depth and invocative power, but there is also a completeness in each work that is a reflection of the relationship between microcosm (each individual sound) and macrocosm (the complete work). It takes Frank two hours to set up his percussion, which rather limits the venues at which he can play. But to produce a single tone from a bell or gong in which can be heard the song of orchestras and celestial choirs is the reward that emanates from the source of this music to both musician and listener. 

          Bill Anderton (editor) for New Life magazine 

Volume 1, No. 2 July/August 1977.

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