Time Out for Family Years




father & son

At Midday on the Summer Solstice of 1975, during the heat-wave, he was married to Janet Christine Pendlebury in a White Eagle marriage ceremony conducted by the founders of The White Eagle Lodge, Mr and Mrs Cooke, at The White Temple around 15 months after they got together. They honeymooned on Iona – also blessed by the heat-wave. Frank had seen clairvoyantly all three of his children four years before the first of these were born whilst also seeing them as a colour ray within the womb two weeks after their conceptions. This colour ray was then later confirmed by the astrological forces of their individual horoscopes. These three children are: – Raphael in 1977 (pictured left in Highgate Woods, North London – photo Janet Christine Perry), Rose in 1980, & Gabriel in 1982. Each child was given a Leboyer home-birth and breastfed (highly controversial and mostly unheard of in 1977) whilst Rose and Gabriel were delivered (Gabriel by Frank himself!) in the living room in front of Frank’s equipment and listening to the sounds of DEEP PEACE (the only music his wife could tolerate whilst giving birth!). He dedicated himself to family life, consciously cutting down his musical work in order to be present with them and take a leading role in their upbringing. At this time he concentrated more upon his astrological consultations giving hundreds of birth chart readings along the lines of spiritual karmic astrology. He trained in the White Eagle School of Astrology but his teacher, Mrs Joan Hodgson (Founder of the W.E. Lodge Astrology School and Daughter of founders Mr & Mrs Cooke) freely gave him permission to practise without the need to complete the Advanced Course. Having completed the Beginner’s Course many years ago now he does hope to find a future opportunity to accomplish this some time. He also worked as a plumber and builder training with his artist-philosopher friend Roy Bowden (who earned his living as a trained plumber and builder) when necessary, enabling him to personally install central heating in both of his family homes alongside other building work. He learnt wood-turning in order to produce wands with which to play his bowls – coming up with his own original design – (being as there was nothing else to play them with apart from antique measuring rods). During this period he also received the assistance of several patrons – most notable among these were Werner and Elsi Achermann, Jack Samuel (all now deceased), and David Kossoff (on behalf of The Paul Kossoff Estate – also now deceased). Each child has been given a White Eagle christening at The White Eagle Lodge in London. In 1983 the family moved out of London to Ringwood in Hampshire, both to be close to the Bournemouth White Eagle Daughter Lodge (where Frank went on to officiate at public services and in the Brotherhood during the time that Miss Dixon was alive and for a short period afterwards) and in order that the children might benefit from a Steiner education (at Folly Farm School – since renamed the Ringwood Waldorf School) – this being the only somewhat complementary alternative to ‘state education’. Frank familiarised himself with the spiritual and occult principles behind the education – although he was already largely familiar with these, being as they are rooted in Theosophical teachings (of the Theosophical Society of which Steiner had been a member – and leader of the German branch). This alongside of his astrological knowledge (their charts were erected within hours of birth – at the first opportunity after the clearing up and settling in process was over) enabled him to give each child what they required individually. In 1993 he felt that he could re-emerge from his time away – right in the middle of a recession and after all the damage done to the arts by the Thatcher regime! Raphael has completed an HND in acting, Rose plays cello and drums and is now (2001) in the middle of a three-year course in Fine Art at Falmouth College of Art, whilst Gabriel played drums and guitar and completed a two year course in furniture making and now works full-time for Sunseeker in Poole (builders of Yachts). In 2003 Janet Christine divorced Frank after providing 18 months of an acrimonious and intense legal campaign riddled with falsehoods but, thankfully, she settled out of court. She is now very happy as a born-again materialist and a rehabilitated ‘normal’ person (by her own claims).

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