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When I was 16 an unusual experience befell me. I found myself out of my body and another entity controlling it and striving to bring its message to Earth through my tiny brain and consciousness. This experience and subsequent ones of a similar nature impressed me with the fact that this was not any of my own creation (as regards imagination or desire) and that obviously two very different conclusions emerge – firstly, the possibility of another intelligence operating any chosen body of a willing participant. (2) The possibility of the existence of me or you beyond this physical life or simply life after life. Both these soon became laws and the first taught me to discriminate between those who were well-wishers and those who wished to dominate me for their own selfish purposes and my destruction. The second that my present (Then) self must dissolve and a new birth come forth true and more lasting, being created out of materials (Thoughts-motives-inaction-action) that are born in Eternity. This process was by no means short nor is it entirely completed. However, at the time of this then peculiar exhibit I sought advice from my father who had been a practising medium for some 20 years previous and we started a home group (after a 7 year gap previous) under the direction of a group of Spirit friends – the leader being a Member of the Great White Brotherhood – and five other Brothers and many helpers from the other spheres. Contact with these Ancient Ones brought lovely qualities quite beyond one’s everyday dullness and quite often they would communicate through patterns of lovely colour and shape and also natural scenes and through perfumes and music. And so I learnt how to be a channel for communication from these White Brothers (White LIGHT) whose chief work was to heal, to bring consolation, inspiration, and illumination. Now when I first played on my own in a lonely closed factory these invisible friends would come and encourage me and this would inspire me to create beautiful music and the birds would come and rest on the window and join in singing for long periods of time. Then, on my first performance in Falmouth Art College in 1971 I was aware of their help and of their creations in the invisible by way of colours and forces and thus I realised that a correlation between colour and sound must exist and that if I trained myself to function on these several levels at one and the same time I could effect a more perfect synthesis and co-operate with these “Shining Ones”. Shortly after this when I had been fortunate enough to obtain some suitable instruments for this purpose a Tibetan lama from the invisible came to help me in my studies and we worked together intensively for some years although only regarding my own instruments and their potential uses. He also guided me into a selection of instruments most conducive to our mutual purpose.

At about this time four to five years ago I was ready for a new stage in my spiritual unfoldment, this entailed joining a large group, a Lodge under the guidance of one of the Masters of the Wisdom – in fact the Head of the Great White Brotherhood. I participated in their service in giving “absent healing” and I also attended several “contact healings” and noticed how music played an important part in bringing the healing vibrations closer to the patients and I studied the types of music played for this purpose – this together with my first impressions of affinity with the spirit of Tony Scott’s “Music for Zen Meditation” has, over the years, led me to where I now stand. At the present time I am studying the effects of sound upon the Eternal ever-existent Akasha and so my contribution to the well being of others or otherwise in light of the fact of life after life and so I will one day come to see my real effect upon society in this difficult age of transition and transubstantiation.

So my predominant musical direction and activity lies in the finding of forms suitable to the communication of the spiritual energies in man. This has meant that I must learn to draw from a very specific source in my improvisations. This has also meant that the form that my improvisations take shall have arisen from an understanding of their compatibility to the thought forms and etheric/astral energies with which I seek to co-exist.

So, at present, my main work is in studying the relationship between psychic union (of the creation of forms in the invisible by the brothers) and the psychic energies (relationship of sounds to Chakras) in a limited form that expresses very definitely a certain psychic form/existence and thus constitutes a composition which further constitutes a deeper understanding of my instruments and musical forms relative to both future improvisation (a spontaneous, co-existing, communication, oracle-media, musical inner-world, alchemical Angelic marriage) and the logical developmental extension of my musical life.

(The HOW and WHENCE of musical magic. The equilibrium of energy freed from pain, suffering or ignorance under the guidance of MICHAEL and RAPHAEL). For me, improvisation has meant the freeing of form that it may more readily accommodate my imagination. This is I know an activity peculiar to Venus and the sun and is constructivistic in the sense of Mercury in Virgo. That is to say that these studies are being guided by the Angels of Venus and Mercury and their Octaves Neptune, Pluto, Moon. All sound is vibration which communicates to the clairaudient listener a specific energy/force/thought/activity and in the case of noises made by humans the soul of its creator. The mind is a dual instrument and alone is incapable of giving the “Life-giving” waters of TRUTH. The Highest that the Angel-man AQUARIUS marriage can create is born via the polarity LEO or the Fire in the Heart. The White LIGHT MAGIC of LOVE. The SPIRITUAL SCIENCE.

And so let us follow the way of the man carrying the pitcher of water that will lead us to the “upper room” and the last supper which is as the first “I AM Alpha and Omega” and partake of Cosmic Spirit and Substance. All form in essence is founded in Light and so in this Last Supper we shall consciously unite with the LIGHT of the World.


        This is an uncorrected copy of my first published article on this subject published in: –

MUSICS No. 5   December 1975 – January 1976


        For a revised version published in NEW LIFE in 1977 click on NEXT below.



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