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    • or by Telephone at 01425 – 470168,
    • or by mail at 3 Drake Close, Ringwood, Hampshire,  BH24  1UG. UK.

Individual SOUND HEALING sessions are available privately. After clairvoyantly looking at the chakras, Frank will select from his 60 special Healing bowls those best suited to the specific needs of the client/patient. These happen at Frank’s home, or in London, or whilst he’s away on tour. These last on average one hour. With an extra 15 minutes between clients to gently return to this reality.

Cost £40

Location – Ringwood, BH24 1UG. Frank occasionally gives sounds healings in London so please do enquire if this is more convenient.


What follows is an introductory description of my work in

Sound Healing with the Ancient Sacred Singing Bowls of Tibet:

 Frank’s particular form of Sound Healing  also exploits the unique psycho-acoustical properties of specific Bowls selected for their ability to resonate with certain healing energies. However, overall, the sounds of the bowls also relax the body and lower the blood pressure whilst also providing a form of cerebral stimulation. Overall this produces both a sense of well-being and increased energy.

Traditionally used for meditation, such sounds are also suitable for deep relaxation whilst also helping to open the listener to an emotional dimension beyond the personal so that emotions of a religious or spiritual nature are made more accessible regardless of particular belief systems.   

The treatment also helps with certain emotional/psychological states, which can be the cause of physical problems, i.e. fear, anger, stress, depression, frustration, sadness, impatience etc. Tones from the bowls balance the chakras, bring the subtle bodies into alignment, and create a balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. They shatter accumulating negative energy within the chakras and the aura. They restore the circular flow of energy within the aura. The bowls and their unique tones have been used to restore blood pressure, correct asthma and emphysema, and even rebuild adrenal function after failure from steroid intake. They open and balance the meridians of the body and they improve the synapse response in the brain. They have been used with hyperactive children and they can help stimulate the immune system. Most importantly of all, they link us up with our Higher – Divine Self and so enable us to restore the harmony at very

These specific sound healing treatments are also especially suited for helping us to pass the several ‘tests’, which many of us face during certain periods of our lives whilst travelling the Spiritual Path. In unfolding his sound healing work Frank has been guided by his spirit guides/teachers and masters of The Great White Brotherhood, his own past-life memories and, since 1973, studies and researches into the healing aspects of sound, music, and his Singing Bowls.

For the sessions he will have a collection of over 60 ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls especially suitable or specifically designed for Sound-Healing work. The bowls are generally placed upon the floor above the patient’s head. Stroked bowls are also played from here. On rare occasions he will place one or more larger bowls upon the stomach of the patient. Frank uses these special Bowls alongside visualising the appropriate colours, for the individual sound-healing session, applied to the patient’s chakras and whole aura to assist the Angels of Healing in their work. This is after he has looked at the condition of the chakras. Traditional Tibetan healing incense is also used during the session.

A sound healing session typically lasts from between 45 to 90 minutes. The patient is encouraged to wear loose and comfortable clothing. The patient lies down upon the floor with their arms by their sides and they are advised to keep their eyes closed. A blanket is nearby if needed.

Frank uses specially selected bowls in order to balance left and right hemispheres of the brain – enabling us to access both sides of the brain at once – in every session. Bowls are also selected which help us to enter Alpha and Theta brain wave states – these are usually associated with various ‘altered states’ including meditation, and ‘out-of-the-body’ experiences enabling the patient to undergo a deep inner journey with the healing angels.  Yet other bowls resonate with certain specific spiritual vibrational energies which will be lovingly communicated to the soul of the client upon the deeper inner levels whilst being sounded.

At the close of the session either a Tibetan Meditation Cymbal or a special Yang Bowl is struck three times to signal to the patient that Frank’s work has finished and that, in their own time, they gently come back down to earth.

Frank first trained in spiritual healing in 1965, when he discovered that he was a trance-medium (channel) and then, again, in 1971 with The White Eagle Lodge. He has practised as both an Absent Healer and Contact Healer since that time. Psychic from birth, psychic gifts can be traced back through both sides of his family for several generations.

Frank started to focus on sound healing in 1979 and he began seriously unfolding the healing side of his Tibetan Singing Bowls in 1985. Frank has a unique and highly individual form of sound healing using his clairvoyance, musicality and vast knowledge of healing and the use of Tibetan singing bowls developed over many years. 

Frequently asked questions:

How many sessions will I need?

Out of all the hundreds of sound healing treatments I’ve given, only twice have I said how many sessions seem to be needed. Many people are cured in the one session. some return for help with other issues that, again, have been treated in one session.

Can sound healing cure physical illnesses?

Obviously, it can’t treat a broken leg etc, but it does effect the physical body. As a result of using the opening 10 bowls (the only part that is guaranteed the same for every session) many suffering physical pain tell me after that it went away after about 5 minis. People make all sorts of comments. Here are a couple:- one lady had very acute arthritis and couldn’t lie down but when her friend came after the hour she told her how she’d been in the same position all that time and how unusual that was. Another chap had a situation where he needed to go to the toilet frequently yet during the session he didn’t and he commented upon how unusual this was for him.

Can I have a sound healing if there is nothing wrong with me?

Yes. It’s becomes more of a ‘personal concert.’ Although I might add that I may notice some issues that could benefit from the healing aspect and so include that during the ‘concert.’ I’ve had people come simply because they love the sound of the bowls. I don’t mind – so do I!

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